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Skiers race again in slush at tubing park

Simply fielding a full team is a challenge for this year's Nordic ski teams, and the weather certainly isn't helping matters for the team.

Last week, they again raced at a snow tubing park in Lake Elmo, Green Acres, in 54-degree weather. The course was slushy, and competitors were racing in T-shirts. It was a weird sight for coach John Dewall and the Raiders.

The boys, though, were able to put together a full team for the 5K race, and they took sixth out of eight teams with 315 points. Stillwater won the meet with 465 and Roseville was second with 463.

Hastings was led by Joe Rabaey, who placed 50th with a time of 20:38. James Harper was 63rd in 22:40; Jonah Schill was 66th in 23:50; Forrest Close was 68th in 24:50 and Nick Johnson was 70th in 30:30.

The junior varsity boys were led by Michael Perra, who placed 24th with a time of 15:45. Jack Calkins took 31st in 18:00; Dylan Chamberlain was 37th in 19:20; Devin Lee was 38th in 20:32; Sawyer Karas was 41st in 21:15; Tom Knutson was 43rd in 24:16; Tate Gahnz was 45th in 26:50; and Dan Eggert was 46th in 27:50.

In the 5K freestyle, the Hastings girls were led by Rachel Peterson, who placed 28th in 21 minutes and 42 seconds. Makaila England was 50th in 25:00.

Hastings placed seventh out of eight teams in the meet with 292 points. Stillwater won the race with 471 and Forest Lake was second with 459.

For the girls junior varsity team, Enni Jantti placed 19th in 16:34. Kailee Harrington was 33rd in 17:45. Amelia Strauss finished 39th in 18:32. Torrie Zeyen took 46th in 27:02.