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Roseville too much for Hastings

Thursday, Sept. 8, was definitely a day to forget for the Hastings boys soccer team. The team's bus had a small fire that prompted the team to pull off to the side of the road on the way to Roseville.

The end result was that Hastings was late to the game, and only had a few minutes to warm up. Roseville took advantage, scoring just one minute into the game. Hastings ended up losing, 7-1.

"We were completely unprepared," Hastings coach Shane Lanning said. "We just were not ready to play. I'm not taking anything away from Roseville - they had a couple really good guys, a couple really good forwards. We just had a lot of distractions."

The Hastings goal was scored by Grant Simons. Lucas Bunting took a free-kick and lofted it into the box. Lanning was pleased to see Simons get credit for a goal.

"He's really coming around," Lanning said. "He's one of our best players right now."

Ian Johnson played in goal for Hastings.