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Hastings swimmers start slowly but comes back to win

Last week's swim meet between Hastings and Roseville didn't exactly get off to a very good start for the blue and gold.

In the event's first race, the 200 medley relay, the top Hastings relay team was disqualified for an early start. In the second event, Hastings went second and fourth. That wasn't how coach Gerry Rupp had envisioned the meet beginning. Hastings trailed 16-14, and Rupp knew that his team would be giving up 13 points in diving.

"I was starting to get a little upset at how we were swimming," Rupp said. "I felt that our team was taking Roseville too lightly. I knew that if it continued the way we were going, we were going to be in big trouble."

During the diving break, Rupp had his team come into the locker room, where he gave them an earful.

"They had to have a little reality check," Rupp said.

Once he walked out of the locker room, the team stayed behind for another few minutes.

Whatever was said during the break turned the meet around for Hastings.

"They came out in the second half of the meet and really swam well," Rupp said. "It was like a new team put on the swimsuits. They came out firing. That was good to see them respond in a positive way."

Hastings went on to win the meet, 97-85.

The Hastings swimmer of the meet was Hunter Sassor, who had his fastest times in three of his events.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay -- team of John Utecht, Hayden Schmitt, Colby Smith and Hunter Sassor, first, 1:51.49; team of Alec Hagen, Matthew Cater, Cal Gergen and Fred Montano, fourth, 2:02.35; team of Kenny Benson, Cole Tipler, Jack VanZee and Michael Everson, 2:07.51.

200 freestyle -- Brandon Underwood, second, 2:00.00; Benson, fourth, 2:10.55; Cole Scully, 2:14.73; Gergen, 2:35.67; Logan Lauder, 2:54.09.

200 individual medley - Schmitt, first, 2:17.34; Steven Kimmes, third, 2:24.92; VanZee, fifth, 2:32.53; Hagen, 3:02.91; Matthew Cater, 3:06.63.

50 freestyle -- Tony Ring, first, 24.82; Sassor, fourth, 26.22; Tipler, 27.42; Patrick Clark, 31.22; Montano, 42.76.

100 butterfly -- Elijah Reilly, first, 1:02.98; Michael Everson, fourth, 1:16.36.

100 freestyle - Ring, first, 55.02; Sassor, second, 55.35; Tipler, 1:00.97; Clark, 1:10.14; Montano, 1:36.87.

500 freestyle -- Smith, first, 5:14.32; Scully, fourth, 5:55.94; VanZee, fifth, 5:57.87.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Everson, Schmitt, Scully and Smith, first, 1:39.79; team of Tipler, Reilly, Kimmes and Sassor, third, 1:44.24; team of Underwood, Cater, Lauder and Gergen, 1:58.49.

100 backstroke -- Utecht, first, 1:01.93; Benson, third, 1:03.45; Michael Everson, fifth, 1:12.99; Hagen, 1:28.33.

100 breaststroke -- Utecht, first, 1:10.58; Benson, fourth, 1:19.02; Michael Everson, 1:27.56; Lauder, 1:36.24; Gergen, 1:41.57.

400 freestyle relay -- team of Thomas Everson, Ring, Benson and Smith, first, 3:42.73; team of VanZee, Utecht, Scully and Schmitt, third, 3:56.78; team of Underwood, Michael Everson, Kimmes and Hagen, 4:04.83.


Hastings freshman Colby Smith is now among the metro leaders in the 100 butterfly. He has a top-eight time in the event.

Hastings is at Forest Lake tonight (Thursday) for the final dual meet of the season.

The junior varsity conference meet is planned for Feb. 19 in Stillwater.

The section meet will be Feb. 24-26 in Rochester.