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Hastings swimmers down Wolfpack, 99-79

While Hastings has a small and young swimming team, that doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, mean the Raiders aren't a talented bunch.

Sure, there's just one senior.

Sure, there are no juniors.

But Hastings' tradition of strong swimmers continues as evidenced by last week's 99-79 win over Park. At one point, even while using a mixed-up lineup, Hastings led 99-54.

Just how good are the youthful Raiders? Hastings had seventh-graders in the varsity spots for the 500 freestyle, and they took first, second and third.

In other races, two of Hastings' best freshmen squared off and dominated.

All in all, the Raiders had a great night, coach Gerry Rupp said.

John Utecht, a sophomore, had personal bests in all four of his swims and was the swimmer of the meet. His first season on the team was last year.

"He could barely swim the length of the pool," Rupp said. "To go from that to a time of 56 seconds in the 100 freestyle, that's pretty darn good. He works hard. The kid just really works hard. He's really taken to the sport. It's really nice to see when you pick up a kid like that and he keeps improving."

Another fresh face who is steadily improving is seventh-grader Cole Scully.

"In practice, lane one is the toughest lane, and lane six is the least experienced," Rupp said. "He started in lane four and is now in lane two regularly. He is really working hard. We've got some super ninth-graders Now, if we can get some of these seventh-graders like Cole going fast, it looks good for our team for the next couple of years."

In the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle, Rupp put two of his best swimmers, Colby Smith and Thomas Everson, in the lineup.

"It was fun to see those two go at each other like that," Rupp said. Smith won the 50 in 23.22 and Everson was second in 23.70.

Smith won the 100 freestyle in 50.16 and Everson was second in 51.20.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of John Utecht, Thomas Everson, Elijah Reilly and Tony Ring, first, 1:52.13; team of Cole Scully, Jack VanZee, Steven Kimmes and Brandon Underwood, third, 2:05.00; team of Alec Hagen, Matthew Cater, Logan Lauder and Montana, 2:40.06.

200 freestyle - Hayden Schmitt, first, 1:59.31; Hunter Sassor, second, 2:02.73; Michael Everson, fourth, 2:18.51.

200 individual medley - Ring, first, 2:20.16; Scully, third, 2:28.31; VanZee, fourth, 2:29.00; Cal Gergen, 2:58.45.

50 freestyle - Colby Smith, first, 23.22; Thomas Everson, second, 23.70; Kimmes, fifth, 27.32; Alec Hagen, 28.81; Lauder, 31.65.

100 butterfly - Reilly, first, 1:02.80; Utecht, second, 1:03.85; Sassor, third, 1:06.69; Kenny Benson, fourth, 1:07.96.

100 freestyle - Smith, first, 50.16; Thomas Everson, second, 51.20; Kimmes, fifth, 1:00.66; Lauder, 1:14.29; Cater, 1:14.46.

500 freestyle - Reilly, first, 5:47.95; Scully, second, 5:48.86; VanZee, third, 5:51.42; Benson, fourth, 5:52.37; Michael Everson, 6:13.51; Noah Schmitt, 7:24.37.

200 medley relay - team of Everson, Sassor, Reilly and Smith, first, 1:39.27; team of Schmitt, VanZee, Scully and Kimmes, third, 1:47.62; team of Hagen, Benson, Montano and Underwood, 1:58.58; team of Everson, Gergen, Cater and Lauder, 2:04.42.

100 backstroke - Utecht, second, 1:03.05; Ring, third, 1:05.39; Hagen, fifth, 1:30.34.

100 breaststroke - Underwood, 1:11.36; Hayden Schmitt, 1:11.80; Cater, 1:26.60; Gergen, 1:40.18.

400 freestyle relay - team of Ring, Utecht, Sassor and Schmitt, 3:40.52; team of Smith, Underwood, Benson and Everson, 3:51.05.