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Raider girls earn 8-1 win over Raptors

A four-game winless streak came to a great end last week for the Hastings girls hockey team.

The Raiders snapped the streak with a resounding 8-1 win over East Ridge.

Hastings had a 0-3-1 record in the four games leading into Friday's game with the Raptors.

Hastings scored three first-period goals, added a single goal in the second period and then exploded for four third-period tallies.

"It was nice to get a win and to get a lot of goals," coach Jeff Corkish said. "The kids played really well. We've played some tough teams lately during a tough part of our schedule. It was nice to see the kids go out and get a lot of success."

Courtney Boucher led the way for the Hastings offense, scoring a hat trick and recording an assist.

"It was great to see Courtney get those goals," Corkish said. "Some of the goals she's scoring are the kind of goals she's going to score next year in college. It's not just about putting them on net because the goalie is weak. She's got hard, hard shots and she's hitting holes in the net.

"She's using her quick release. She's using her powerful shot. She's putting the goalie down on the ice, and then putting it wide. She's scoring goals a lot of different ways."

Goals were also scored by Brittney Huneke, Danielle Duffy, Sami Claussen, Hailey Lundquist and Natalie Simons.

Assists were made by Huneke (2), Torri Holm, Boucher, Hannah Simons, Duffy, Claussen, Lundquist, Simons and Josie Stepan (3).

Stepan's three assists were a welcome sight for Corkish.

"She has been getting better every week," he said. "She's super, super smart on the ice. She understands the game well. When she's out there, she's putting herself in great positions. She anticipates things real well."

Danie Meier earned the win in the goal for Hastings.

Vs. Roseville

Hastings lost to Roseville on Jan. 18, 2-1.

On Dec. 16, Roseville beat Hastings by a 5-0 score.

"We thought we were going to play a little better against them this time around, and we did," Corkish said, "but we played scared for the first half of the game. I think if we would have come out with more confidence, we could have come out and beat them.

"We didn't play 51 minutes of hockey. The kids understand now that we can play with anybody, but if you're going to beat a team like Roseville, you're going to have to play 51 minutes."

Roseville took a 1-0 lead in the second period, then added a score in the third to go up 2-0.

Boucher then scored the lone Hastings goal, unassisted.

Stef Wical played in goal for Hastings and made 27 saves on 29 shots.


Corkish has been moving some lines around and likes where things are right now.

The first line is made up of Natalie Simons, who is playing center. Her forwards are Boucher and Stepan.

On the second line are Duffy and Lundquist, who are being centered by Claussen.

Kit Ruedy is centering the third line with Jackie Stark and Hannah Simons.

Kelsey Thompson is moving between all the lines and is playing a fair amount on the third line, replacing Simons.

Stepan's improvement helped move her up to the first line. That allowed Corkish to move Duffy to the second line, which makes it stronger, he said

"Josie really earned the opportunity to play on that first line with Natalie and Courtney," he said. "That allowed us to move Danielle to another line. That helps make that line really strong, too."

Corkish likes the direction the team is headed in, despite the 1-3-1 record in the last five games.

"The kids haven't been frustrated," he said "They haven't talked about wins and losses at all. We've just been making such good strides.

"We've been really happy with what we've been seeing in practice. We're hoping the wins come when it's time in February."