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Wrestlers win Kiffmeyer Duals tournament

The Hastings Raiders Wrestling team took a drive to White Bear Lake on Thursday to wrestle in their fifth SEC dual of the year. The fourth ranked Raiders stomped the eight ranked Bears 50-16 to remain unbeaten in the conference. The Raiders won 10 of 14 matches including four pins, one FF, two technical falls, one major, and two decisions.

Hastings 50 vs. White Bear Lake 16

103 Matt Meuwissen #3 (WBL) decision Isaac Bauer #8 (H) [1-0] 0-3

112 Luke Rowh #9 (H) technical fall Andy Martin (WBL) [17-1] 5-3

119 Danny Gove (H) decision Alex Rod (WBL) [8-5] 8-3

125 Corey Latuff #4 (H) major decision Elijah Muedenking (WBL) [10-0] 12-3

130 Eric Bauer #4 (H) pin Cam Brandvold (WBL) [3:42] 18-3

135 Keenan Menge (H) decision Shane Shepherd (WBL) [3-2] 21-3

140 Colten LaChance #2 forfeit 27-3

145 Zach Rohr #1 (H) technical fall Duncan Potter (WBL) [22-7] 32-3

152 Jeff Engstrom (H) pin Cody Anderson #6 (WBL) [1:52] 38-3

160 Tommy Longendyke #9 (WBL) major decision Jake Rachuy (H) [16-5] 38-7

171 Beau Bibeau #5 (WBL) decision Jake Swenson #9 (H) [6-0] 38-10

189 Josh Lohmann (H) pin Kyle Ross (WBL) [1:10] 44-10

215 Isaac Eichmann #6 (H) pin Mitch Diller (WBL) [2:36] 50-10

HWT Donny Longendyke #1 (WBL) pin Jake Anderson (H) [1:44] 50-16

Hastings claims Kiffmeyer crown

On Saturday in St. Cloud, The Hastings Raiders claimed their ninth Kiffmeyer championship in the 18 year history of the tournament, with four titles coming in the past five years. In the process, Hastings hit back at the second-ranked St. Michael Albertville Knights with a powerful performance in the championship. The Raiders toppled the mighty Knights with every wrestler giving key contributions in the dual. By saving team points in losses, pulling out hard fought wins, or putting the right man on the mat, the Raiders were the better team.

In the opening round of the Kiffmeyer duals, Hastings appeared to be a team on a mission as they thoroughly defeated the St. Cloud Apollo Eagles in winning 12 of 14 matches. Hastings jumped out to a quick lead at 103 pounds, when Isaac Bauer pinned the Eagle's Devon Johnson followed by 112 pound Luke Rowh's 6-4 decision over sixth-ranked Grant Dullinger to put Hastings up 9-0.

Matt Braun of St. Cloud Apollo scored a decision over Danny Gove at 119 pounds, as Hastings' Eric Bauer, 125 pounds, quickly disposed of Roba Ibro with a 30 second pin to give Hastings a 15-3 lead. Keenan Menge, 130 pounds, claimed a 6-3 decision over Jake Christiansen, while at 135 pounds, St. Cloud Apollo's Markus Mehr claimed the Eagles final points of the match with a second period pin over Hunter Swenson.

At 140 pounds, Hastings Colten LaChance scored a 27-11 technical fall over Steven Tran. Zach Rohr claimed the fastest pin of the day with his ten second pin of Nick Stram. Rohr's pin also started a trend that didn't stop; with Hastings Bryan Rachuy (152), Jeff Engstrom (160), Jake Rachuy (171), Josh Lohmann (189), Isaac Eichmann (215), and Jake Anderson (HWT) notching pins in the remaining six matches.

Hastings 65 vs. St. Cloud Apollo 9

103 Isaac Bauer No. 8 (H) pin Devon Johnson (SCA) [1:08] 6-0

112 Luke Rowh No. 9 (H) decision Grant Dullinger No. 6 (SCA) [6-4] 9-0

119 Matt Braun (SCA) decision Danny Gove (H) [14-6] 9-3

125 Eric Bauer No. 4 (H) pin Roba Ibro (SCA) [:30] 15-3

130 Keenan Menge (H) decision Jake Christiansen (SCA) [6-2] 18-3

135 Markus Mehr (SCA) pin Hunter Swenson (H) [3:32] 18-9

140 Colten LaChance No. 2 (H) technical fall Steven Tran (SCA) [27-11] 23-9

145 Zach Rohr No. 1 (H) pin Nick Stram (SCA) [:10] 29-9

152 Bryan Rachuy (H) pin Nick Evans (SCA) [5:12] 35-9

160 Jeff Engstrom (H) pin Austin Swenson (SCA) [:46] 41-9

171 Jake Rachuy (H) pin Martin Hanson (SCA) [1:15] 47-9

189 Josh Lohmann (H) pin Jared Morford (SCA) [:34] 53-9

215 Isaac Eichmann No. 6 (H) pin Austin Rice (SCA) [1:07] 59-9

HWT Jake Anderson (H) pin Tanner Nicholson (SCA) [:22] 65-9

In round two, The Raiders faced the Foley Falcon's, ranked second in AA. Both teams had things to prove; for Foley, it was to show everyone they can dance with the big boys of AAA. For Hastings, the desire to beat the Falcons and illustration how dominate the Raiders are, along with showing the deep roots of their own wrestling tradition.

Foley drew first blood when second-ranked Tristan Manderfeld scored an 8-2 decision over Isaac Bauer at 103 pounds, followed by sixth-ranked Keith Thell's 5-1 decision over Luke Rowh at 112 pounds to give the Falcon's an early 6-0 lead.

Hastings rebounded at 119 pounds with Corey Latuff's methodical 5-0 decision over third-ranked Mitch Dunlap and at 125 pounds, Eric Bauer's major decision of Nathan Beehler to put Hastings out front 7-6. It was a lead they would not relinquish to rest of the way.

At 130 pounds, Keenan Menge rode a 3-1 decision over Taylor Rothfork. Foley temporarily stopped the bleeding at 135 pounds when Will Sustercich claimed an 11-4 decision over Hunter Swenson to bring the Falcon's within a point at 10-9.

At 140 pounds, Colten LaChance broke down fifth-ranked Sam Keeler with a 25-10 technical fall. Zack Rohr added to the score with his 16-9 domination of 10th-ranked Tyler Bemboom at 145 pounds.

In the 152 pound match, Jeff Engstrom secured a third period pin over Chevy Goble, while Bryan Rachuy recorded a 5-1 decision over Kyle Fenna at 160 pounds, giving Hastings a 24-9 lead.

Foley's second-ranked, Taylor Lewandowski tallied the Falcons final points with his 15-11 decision over Jake Rachuy. In the match, Rachuy battled hard in preventing the talented Lewandowski from scoring more than a decision.

Hastings closed out the dual with a decision by Jake Swenson at 189 pounds, a pin by Josh Lohmann at 215 pounds, and a decision by Jake Anderson at Heavyweight to bring the final score to 39-12.

Hastings 39 vs. Foley 12

103 Tristan Manderfeld No. 2 (F) decision Isaac Bauer No. 8 (H) [8-2] 0-3

112 Keith Thell No. 6 (F) decision Luke Rowh No. 9 (H) [5-1] 0-6

119 Corey Latuff No. 4 (H) decision Mitch Dunlap No. 3 (F) [5-0] 3-6

125 Eric Bauer No. 4 (H) major decision Nathan Beehler (F) [15-3] 7-6

130 Keenan Menge (H) decision Taylor Rothfork (F) [3-1] 10-6

135 Will Sustercich (F) decision Hunter Swenson (H) [11-4] 10-9

140 Colten LaChance No. 2 (H) technical fall Sam Keeler No. 5 (F) [25-10] 15-9

145 Zach Rohr No. 1 (H) decision Tyler Bemboom No. 10 (F) [16-9] 18-9

152 Jeff Engstrom (H) pin Chevy Goble No. 7 (F) [4:49] 24-9

160 Bryan Rachuy (H) decision Kyle Fenna (F) [5-1] 27-9

171 Taylor Lewandowski No. 2 (F) decision Jake Rachuy (H) [15-11] 27-12

189 Jake Swenson No. 9 (H) decision Nick Lefebvre (F) [7-1] 30-12

215 Josh Lohmann (H) pin Tony Kipka (F) [2:31] 36-12

HWT Isaac Eichmann No. 6 (H) decision Sam Olson (F) [4-0] 39-12

In what turned out to be the dual of the day, Hastings out hustled and out-worked the Knights of St. Michael Albertville. The Raiders desire to redeem themselves from an earlier loss at the Clash, propelled them to a convincing victory over the second-ranked team in AAA.

In the previous dual with the Knights, Hastings came up short in four key matches which allowed STMA to roll to their victory. On Saturday the Raiders took care of business and left it all out on the mat as they steamrolled through the middle weights.

At 103, Isaac Bauer lost a 14-3 major decision to top-ranked Tommy Thorn, while Luke Rowh (112 pounds) came up short against second-ranked Cole Sladek in losing a 9-5 decision.

Down 7-0 in the dual, Corey Latuff (119 pounds) put Hastings on the board with an 8-3 decision over fifth-ranked Mark Voss. Eric Bauer won an 11-2 major decision over ninth-ranked Lincoln Mallinger to even the team score at 7-7.

The next three matches were critical if Hastings was to come out victorious. The Raiders came out and won all three matches, at 130 pounds, Keenan Menge avenged his loss to fifth-ranked Wayne Voss with a well wrestled 5-1 decision of his own, followed by Hunter Swenson's thrilling 12-6 win over Michael Lindquist at 135 pounds, and finally, Colten LaChance (140 pounds) recorded his third technical fall of the day with a 21-6 win over Michael Nerdahl to give Hastings an 18-7 lead.

Just like the week before at 145 pounds, Zach Rohr scored a 21-9 major decision over Lucas Martin.

Whereas, at 152 pounds, the Knights third-ranked Jake Lillie was unable to match his previous week pin of Bryan Rachuy on his way to 10-2 major decision, saving Hastings two precious team points.

Next at 160 pounds, Jeff Engstrom pinned Ricky Briggs for the second week in a row. Afterwards, Briggs' emotions cost his team a point giving Hastings a lead of 28-10. Jake Swenson (171 pounds) gave Hastings their final points with 5-0 decision over Ryan Stott to clinch the dual.

At 189 pounds, Josh Lohmann wrestled tough in losing an 11-0 major decision to third-ranked Shaun Little. Isaac Eichmann (215 pounds) came up short in 1-0 loss to third-ranked Nick Edling. Jake Anderson finished the dual with 9-1 loss to second-ranked Parker Betts.

Hastings 31 vs. St. Michael Albertville 21

103 Tommy Thorn No. 19 (STMA) major decision Isaac Bauer No. 8 (H) [14-3] 0-4

112 Cole Sladek No. 2 (STMA) decision Luke Rowh No. 9 (H) [9-5] 0-7

119 Corey Latuff No. 4 (H) decision Mark Voss No. 5 (STMA) [8-3] 3-7

125 Eric Bauer No. 4 (H) major decision Lincoln Mallinger No. 9 (STMA) [11-2] 7-7

130 Keenan Menge (H) decision Wayne Voss No. 5 (STMA) [5-1] 10-7

135 Hunter Swenson (H) decision Michael Lindquist (STMA) [12-6] 13-7

140 Colten LaChance No. 2 (H) technical fall Michael Nerdahl (STMA) [21-6] 18-7

145 Zach Rohr No. 1 (H) major decision Lucas Martin (STMA) [21-9] 22-7

152 Jake Lillie No. 3 (STMA) major decision Bryan Rachuy (H) [10-2] 22-11

160 Jeff Engstrom (H) pin Ricky Briggs (STMA) [5:06] 28-10

171 Jake Swenson No. 9 (H) decision Ryan Stott (STMA) [5-0] 31-10

189 Shaun Little No. 3 (STMA) major Josh Lohmann (H) [11-0] 31-14

215 Nick Edling No. 3 (STMA) decision Isaac Eichmann No. 6 (H) [1-0] 31-17

HWT Parker Betts No. 2 (STMA) major decision Jake Anderson (H) [9-1] 31-21

Hastings had five wrestlers go 3-0 at the Kiffmeyer; they were Eric Bauer, Keenan Menge, Colten LaChance, Zach Rohr, and Jeff Engstrom. 2-0 wrestlers were Jake Swenson and Corey Latuff.

JV team finishes second at Kiffmeyer

The Hastings Raider junior varsity wrestling team took part in the Kiffmeyer duals and wrestled to a second place finish. In round one Hastings rolled through St. Cloud Tech on their way to a 64-6 decision. Advancing to the semi-finals the Raiders defeated STMA 37-33. In the finals, Hastings fell to a strong Foley squad 51-15.