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Swimmers win two more meets

The Hastings boys swimming team had no trouble beating East Ridge last week in a Suburban East Conference dual meet. Hastings won, 93-75.

"We've been continuing to mix up our lineup and we are giving everyone a chance to swim different events," coach Gerry Rupp said. "We have enough strength this year that I can mix up events and we can still have first-place swims out of numerous people."

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay -- team of Colby Smith, Hunter Sassor, Thomas Everson and Brandon Underwood, first, 1:48.47; team of Schmitt, Steven Kimmes, Elijah Reilly and Tony Ring, third, 1:57.80.

200 freestyle -- Underwood, second, 1:58.95; Kenneth Benson, fourth, 2:13.58; Noah Schmitt, 2:21.86.

200 individual medley -- Sassor, first, 2:14.56; Reilly, third, 2:23.78; Kimmes, fourth, 2:24.90.

50 freestyle -- Smith, first, 23.67; Hayden Schmitt, second, 24.28; Jack VanZee, 28.26.

100 butterfly -- Everson, first, 57.39; Ring, fourth, 1:07.87; Benson, fifth, 1:10.12.

100 freestyle -- Sassor, first, 55.33; Kimmes, third, 57.72.

500 freestyle -- Smith, first, 5:17.41; Schmitt, third, 5:35.36; Cole Tipler, 6:26.20.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Schmitt, Everson, Sassor and Smith, first, 1:37.36; team of Tipler, Benson, Schmitt and Scully, 1:52.58.

100 backstroke -- Underwood, first, 59.23; Ring, second, 1:06.37; Reilly, fourth, 1:12.58.

100 breaststroke -- Everson, first, 1:09.63; Tipler, fourth, 1:21.68; VanZee, fifth, 1:21.71.

400 freestyle relay -- team of Kimmes, Ring, Reilly and Underwood, 3:47.03; team of Benson, VanZee, Schmitt and Everson, 4:19.25; team of Cater, Hagen, Bullis and Olson, 4:56.42.

Sassor was the swimmer of the meet for Hastings. He had two come-from-behind wins in the meet.

Vs Farmington

Hastings beat Farmington in a dual meet last week, 90-77.