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Skiers hitting busy stretch of action

The Hastings Alpine ski teams are entering a very busy stretch as the season gets going in earnest this month.

On Jan. 4, the team competed in a Suburban East Conference meet.

Alyssa Gerlach led the Hastings girls with a 22nd-place finish. She had a combined time of 52.78 seconds.

Also placing were: Juliann Moes, 23rd, 52.88; Gabriella Sorg, 31st, 54.90; Rosie Pechous, 32nd, 55.60; Janna Sorg, 33rd, 55.75; Sara Juelfs, 38th, 57.08; Esther Susag, 57th, 66.51; Danika Truax, 61st, 67.58; and Ursula Rumann, 67th, 76.76.

Juliana Damberg of Mounds View won the meet with a time of 45.88.

Dustin Erickson led the Hastings boys with a fifth-place finish. He had a combined time of 49.53.

Also placing were: Jacob Juelfs, 15th, 53.18; Adam Peine, 17th, 53.25; Stephen O'Conner, 22nd, 55.03; Jordon Shafer, 33rd, 57.73; Micheal Stricker, 51st, 61.55; Chris Erickson, 62nd, 68.64; Nate Strauss, 64th, 69.89; John Schmitz, 68th, 71.76.


In December, the Hastings girls raced in a dual course race with SEC teams.

Gerlach led the Raiders with a seventh-place finish. She had a combined time of 1:05.09.

Also placing were: Moes, 13th, 1:07.61; Gabriella Sorg, 26th, 1:09.93; Pechous, 28th, 1:11.43; Janna Sorg, 36th, 1:15.49; Susag, 39th, 1:16.30; Truax, 47th, 1:19.67; Sara Kieffer, 51st, 1:21.87; Abby Boetcher, 56th, 1:24.96; Whitney Johnson, 57th, 1:25.65.

In the girls junior varsity race, the Raiders were led by Sara Juelfs, who took fifth in 1:21.71.

Also placing were: Paige Gartzke, 10th, 1:24.30; Katie Roach, 14th, 1:30.02; Ellie Peine, 18th, 1:31.84; and Alex Brown, 19th, 1:32.39.

The Hastings varsity boys were led by Erickson, who took sixth in 1:02.16.

Also placing were: Peine, 12th, 1:04.45; O'Connor, 30th, 1:11.50; Stricker, 40th, 1:14.20; Joe Wright, 41st, 1:14.37; Nate Struss, 54th, 1:22.93; John Schmidt, 55th, 1:24.28; and Chris Erickson, 71st, 1:33.31.

In junior varsity, the boys were led by Johnathan Moes, who was sixth in 1:25.39.

Also finishing for the boys was Brian Gapp, 14th, 1:37.77.