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Raiders take second at Farmington tournament

Sami Claussen skates the puck up the ice at last week's holiday tournament in Farmington. (Rivertown Newspaper Group photo by Matt Steichen)1 / 2
Torri Holm, center, tries to get the puck away from a Rosemount player while falling to the ice during last week's tournament in Farmington. (Rivertown Newspaper Group photo by Matt Steichen)2 / 2

In some years, the competition at the annual girls hockey holiday tournament in Farmington had been suspect. This year, that obviously wasn't the case.

Hastings beat two really good teams, then lost to another good one, in three games last week.

Hastings beat Rosemount in the opening game. The Irish entered the game with a 9-1-1 record.

Hastings beat Lakeville North in the second game. The Panthers entered the game with a 9-1 record.

In the championship game, Hastings lost to Farmington. The Tigers now have a 9-5 record.

Vs Rosemount

The 2-1 win over Rosemount was big for many reasons. First, the Raiders were just the second team this season to beat the Irish. Second, it certainly will factor in to the section seeding assignments a month from now.

"It was a great win for our team," coach Jeff Corkish said. "Rosemount is a really good team. It was a big deal for us, and it was a great accomplishment for our kids."

Rosemount took a 1-0 lead in the first period at 6:29.

Torri Holm tied the score at 10:53 of the third period, assisted by Danielle Duffy.

In overtime, Courtney Boucher scored the game-winner, assisted by Holm.

"Courtney moved out of corner with it, held on to it, brought the goalie to her knees, outwaited the goalie, brought the puck across the crease, went to her backhand and tucked it in," Corkish said. "It was a great goal for her."

Team defense was a real key for the Raiders, who held Rosemount's two top scorers without a point.

"It was a great defensive effort on our part," Corkish said. "The whole team committed to defense. We had a good penalty kill. Good backcheck. We took care of the middle of our ice in our own zone. We didn't let them dazzle us."

Stef Wical made 24 saves for the win.

Vs Lakeville North

Lakeville North had a 9-1-1 record going into the second-round game with Hastings. By the end of the night they were 9-2-1.

Hastings won, 3-2.

"Overall, our kids just battled hard," Corkish said. "We controlled the middle of the ice again. We weren't playing the best we could, but we battled. We battled, and we battled, and we battled. It's one of those wins you can call an ugly win, but we got the win so that's a good thing."

Boucher scored two goals for Hastings. On the first, she was assisted by Mackenzie Klimek. On the second, scored short-handed, she was assisted by Sami Claussen.

Brittney Huneke also scored for Hastings.

Wical got the win in net.

Vs Farmington

Hastings lost to Farmington the final game of the tournament, 6-2.

"That was a tough game," Corkish said. "It seemed like every shot they took seemed to go in, somehow. That's just the game of hockey. The girls played hard. They played well. There were some goofy, goofy goals. We told our kids after the game they worked hard, but it just wasn't enough. That's the way the game goes and the way the puck bounces sometimes."

Boucher scored both goals for the Raiders.

Corkish said junior defender Kaitlin Stark had a good tournament.

"Other than Courtney, she was probably our most consistent player all week," Corkish said. "She played all the one-on-ones the right way. She had good gap control. Communicated really well. It was really good to see Katie come out and play that well. It's a big jump for her.

"In order for us to be a good team, we have to have kids like her play well."