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Slow start dooms Hastings swimmers against C-DH

In order for the Hastings swimming team to have beaten Cretin-Derham Hall on Thursday, absolutely everything would have had to go Hastings' way.

After just one event, it was apparent that was not going to be the case.

Hastings had its top two 200 medley relay teams disqualified, and that was essentially the end of the meet. Hastings trailed 12-2 after one event, a lead that proved to be insurmountable. C-DH won 96-74.

"We had one of those meets where it started out badly for us," coach Gerry Rupp said. "It was like the meet we had with Stillwater two years ago. Everything would have had to fall in to place if we wanted to beat them."

Hastings ended up winning eight of the 11 swimming events, but Cretin won the meet with its depth.

"They are a stronger team than we are," Rupp said. "Their team is still pretty heavy with juniors and seniors. They have a lot of leftover kids from the tremendous team they had last year."

Alumni meet

The annual boys and girls alumni swimming meet is planned for 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 23, at the Hastings Middle School.


Results from the meet with Cretin went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Kenneth Benson, Tipler, Elijah Reilly and Hayden Schmitt, third, 2:02.39.

200 freestyle - Colby Smith, first, 1:52.81; Steven Kimmes, fifth, 2:06.15; Jack VanZee, sixth, 2:19.26.

200 individual medley - Thomas Everson, first, 2:06.50; John Utecht, fifth, 2:27.47; Benson, sixth, 2:32.59.

50 freestyle - Brandon Underwood, first, 23.44; Tony Ring, third, 25.23; Noah Schmitt, sixth, 27.84.

100 butterfly - Smith, first, 54.89; Schmitt, third, 59.16; Reilly, fourth, 1:02.32.

100 freestyle - Underwood, first, 52.62; Ring, fourth, 57.51; Schmitt, 1:04.53.

500 freestyle - Everson, first, 5:09.94; Kimmes, fifth, 5:43.90; Reilly, 5:51.95.

200 freestyle relay - team of Kimmes, Everson, Underwood and Smith, second, 1:37.53; team of Benson, Tipler, VanZee and Cole Scully, fifth, 1:54.22.

100 backstroke - Schmitt, first, 1:01.94; Utecht, fourth, 1:06.98; Scully, 1:12.24.

100 breaststroke - Benson, fourth, 1:18.47; Tipler, fifth, 1:19.85; Matthew Cater, 1:25.20.

400 freestyle relay - team of Schmitt, Everson, Ring and Smith, first, 3:35.51; team of Kimmes, Utecht, Schmitt and Reilly, fourth, 4:02.76.