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Hastings hoping to qualify as many swimmers as possible for state meet

Leah Wallace practices her start during practice at Hastings Middle School on Monday. Heading in to the section meet, she is seeded second in the 100 butterfly.1 / 2
Abbie Gjelhaug swims the freestyle during practice Monday afternoon at Hastings Middle School.2 / 2

The biggest meet of the season for the Hastings girls swimming team is under way. The section meet began Wednesday for the Raiders, who are hoping to qualify as many swimmers as possible for the upcoming state meet.

"The girls have been working hard to prepare for our season-end meets," coach Katie McAlpin said.

The section meet is in Richfield.

The top 16 swimmers from Wednesday's preliminary round return to Friday's final round. The top two swimmers in each event are guaranteed a trip to the state meet. Swimmers who finish under a provisional time can also qualify.

The state tournament is set for Nov. 18-20 at the University of Minnesota.

Vs Roseville

Hastings beat Roseville, 88-82, in a Suburban East Conference matchup on Oct. 19.

"This was a really fun meet," McAlpin said. "We mixed it up a lot. It was a pretty even meet all the way through. I was even getting nervous about three quarters through that I may have mixed it up too much, but it all came out well in the end. The cool thing about Roseville is that they do not take the 13 diving points. So it is a swimming head-to-head competition."

The swimmer of the meet was Alyssa Spitzack.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Leah Wallace, Alyssa Spitzack, Kate Reilly and Janna Sorg, first, 2:01.43; team of Megan Jahnke, Megan Waibel, Christina Gillard and Marissa Novak, fourth, 2:26.74; team of Melanie Devine, Melanie Waibel, Allison Frandrup and Katie Fasbender, fifth, 2:31.19.

200 freestyle - Reilly, second, 2:12.04; Mariah Wallace, third, 2:16.36; Melanie Waibel, fourth, 2:17.74.

200 individual medley - Brina Kari, second, 2:20.14; Abbie Gjelhaug, third, 2:22.01; Novak, 2:38.68; Marie Joerstad, 3:00.34.

50 freestyle - Leah Wallace, first, 26.88; Sorg, fourth, 27.75; Jahnke, 30.35; Frandrup, 32.94; Devine, 33.50; Sydney Clark, 41.01.

100 butterfly - Cassie Kimmes, first, 1:05.83; Spitzack, third, 1:11.08; Christina Gillard 1:15.87; Megan Waibel, 1:25.55; Clark, 1:49.51.

100 freestyle - Reilly, ,first, 56.34; Mariah Wallace, fourth, 1:00.94; Sorg, fifth, 1:01.98.

500 freestyle - Gjelhaug, first, 5:26.44; Jahnke, fifth, 6:15.94; Novak, 6:31.26.

200 freestyle relay - team of Kimmes, Sorg, Gjelhaug and Kari, first, 1:47.94; team of Gillard, Spitzack, Megan Waibel and Mariah Wallace, third, 1:57.94; team of Katie Fasbender, Joerstad, Brittney Hogan and Clark, 2:32.51.

100 backstroke - Leah Wallace, second, 1:04.31; Kimmes, third, 1:08.63; Megan Waibel, 1:19.47; Devine, 1:24.96; Fasbender, 1:29.59; Gillard, 1:31.74.

100 breaststroke - Spitzack, second, 1:14.18; Kari, fourth, 1:22.58; Joerstad, 1:32.71; Frandrup, 1:35.08; Hogan, 2:16.62.

400 freestyle relay - team of Kimmes, Leah Wallace, Kari and Reilly, first, 3:49.28; team of Mariah Wallace, Jahnke, Gjelhaug and Waibel, fourth, 4:12.13; team of Devine, Novak, Frandrup and Fasbender, 4:59.27.

Vs Stillwater

Hastings lost to a very strong and very deep team from Stillwater, 93-75, in the final regular season meet of the season on Oct. 26.

"This is always a hard meet to go into," McAlpin said. "They have four times as many swimmers as we do. They are quite powerful. We usually use this meet as a practice meet. We go at it with everything that we have. This year was a little laughable. We gave the Stillwater coach a little scare. During the warm-up break he had to change his line up to make sure they won the meet. It is always fun to do that. I have been there myself in the past. That is why it is always a little nerve wracking to mix it up too much."

Hastings trailed just 40-38 after the 100 butterfly. From that point on, though, the Ponies took control and built a big lead.

The swimmer of the meet was Brittney Hogan. She had season-best times in all of her swims.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Kari, Reilly, Wallace and Sorg, first, 1:52.80; team of Devine, Waibel, Novak and Gillard, 2:14.91.

200 freestyle - Kimmes, second, 2:00.98; Mariah Wallace, fifth, 2:10.17; Jahnke, 2:25.54.

200 individual medley - Gjelhaug, second, 2:20.31; Spitzack, third, 2:25.23; Megan Waibel, 2:42.92.

50 freestyle - Reilly, first, 25.23; Sorg, second, 26.11; Melanie Waibel, fourth, 27.30.

100 butterfly - Leah Wallace, second, 1:01.44; Gjelhaug fourth, 1:04.61; Novak, 1:12.47.

100 freestyle - Kari, third, 55.72; Sorg, fourth 57.31; Melanie Waibel, 1:02.43.

500 freestyle - Kimmes, third, 5:20.91; Jahnke, fifth, 6:16.01; Devine, 6:50.19.

200 freestyle relay - team of Sorg, Waibel, Gjelhaug and Kimmes, second, 1:47.72; team of Wallace, Waibel, Spitzack and Jahnke, 1:56.16.

100 backstroke - Kari, first, 1:02.30; Leah Wallace, third, 1:03.80; Novak, 1:16.23.

100 breaststroke - Reilly, fourth, 1:12.62; Spitzack, fifth, 1:14.60.

400 freestyle relay - team of Gjelhaug, Waibel, Wallace and Spitzack, second, 4:03.99; team of Gillard Novak, Jahnke and Devine, 4:42.31.

Junior varsity finals

The final meet of the year was held recently for the junior varsity swimmers from Hastings.

Eight swimmers competed for Hastings.

The swimmer of the meet was Allison Frandrup, who had her best times in both of her individual events.

Hastings placed fifth overall.

Results went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Marissa Novak, Megan Jahnke, Christina Gillard and Marie Joerstad, ninth, 2:18.38.

200 freestyle -- Melanie Waibel, ninth, 2:19.50; Frandrup, 21st, 3:31.97; Melanie Devine, 23rd, 2:32.85.

200 individual medley -- Novak, 11th, 2:41.02; Gillard, 13th, 2:43.60.

50 freestyle -- Jahnke, 26th, 29.94; Joerstad, 34th, 30.83; Sydney Clark, 39.74.

100 freestyle -- Gillard, 17th, 1:05.78; Joerstad, 25th, 1:09.83; Clark, 56th, 1:31.58.

500 freestyle -- Frandrup, 17th, 6:47.16.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Gillard, Jahnke, Joerstad and Waibel, ninth, 1:58.27; team of Frandrup, Devine, Novak and Clark, 22nd, 2:16.84.

100 breaststroke -- Waibel, fifth, 1:22.12; Jahnke, 14th, 1:25.83; Novak, 21st, 1:28.81; Devine, 23rd, 1:13.10.

400 freestyle relay - team of Devine, Waibel, Frandrup and Clark, 18th, 5:04.26.