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Mustangs edge Raiders in the pool, 89-81

Competitive dual meets in swimming these days are few and far between for the Hastings Raiders. Hastings either beats up on programs that are down or gets beaten by teams that have three times the swimmers out for the sport. So, when competitive meets come around, they're given extra special attention.

Case in point? Last week's meet against Mounds View.

Unfortunately, the Mustangs ended up winning it, 89-81.

"It was a tough meet," Hastings coach Katie McAlpin said. "The entire meet came down to one relay. We took a chance and it didn't come through for us. The funny thing is that Mounds View took the same chance we did by splitting the 200 freestyle relays, and they came out ahead."

Going into the 200 freestyle relay, Mounds View led a slim 56-54 lead.

Hastings opted to split its top relay team up in the hopes of placing first and third or, at the very least, second and third. Mounds View, though, had the same strategy. The strategy worked for the Mustangs, who ended up placing first and second, earning 12 points in the event while Hastings got just two. It was 68-56 after the 200 freestyle, and Hastings couldn't recover.

"The girls went out there and swam their hearts out," McAlpin said. "They really wanted it. We had some amazing swims. I don't think we could find a better team to match up against."

The Hastings swimmer of the meet was senior captain Megan Waibel, who dropped more than eight seconds in her 500 freestyle.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Brina Kari, Alyssa Spitzack, Wallace and Janna Sorg, first, 1:55.40; team of Marissa Novak, Abbie Gjelhaug, Wallace and Megan Waibel, fourth, 2:08.92; team of Frandrup, Devine, Christina Gillard and Waibel, sixth, 2:26.16.

200 freestyle - Cassie Kimmes, first, 2:00.93; Mariah Wallace, fifth, 2:11.60; Megan Jahnke, sixth, 2:25.26.

200 individual medley - Gjelhaug, first, 2:18.79; Leah Wallace, fourth, 2:20.56; Spitzack, fifth, 2:24.86.

50 freestyle - Kate Reilly, second, 25.39; Sorg, third, 26.14; Melanie Waibel, sixth, 27.03.

100 butterfly - Leah Wallace, second, 1:01.00; Gjelhaug, third, 1:05.51; Novak, sixth, 1:11.95.

100 freestyle - Kari, second, 54.76; Sorg, third, 58.29; Melanie Waibel, sixth, 1:01.08.

500 freestyle - Kimmes, first, 5:19.25; Jahnke, fifth, 6:17.60; Megan Waibel, sixth, 6:18.09.

200 freestyle relay - team of Wallace, Waibel, Spitzack and Reilly, third, 1:47.83; team of Jahnke, Gjelhaug, Kimmes and Sorg, fourth, 1:49.58.

100 backstroke - Kari, first, 1:00.56; Novak, fifth, 1:09.80; Novak, sixth, 1:14.61.

100 breaststroke - Reilly, first, 1:12.38; Spitzack, second, 1:14.05; Gillard, sixth, 1:24.20.

400 freestyle relay - team of Wallace, Kimmes, Kari and Reilly, first, 3:46.12; team of Waibel, Novak, Jahnke and Gillard, fifth, 4:31.56; team of Devine, Fasbender, Frandrup and Clark, sixth, 5:21.09.