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Raider swimmers get out to big lead, beat Park, 91-81

The Hastings girls swimming team had no trouble beating Park last week, jumping out to a 91-43 lead before swimming exhibition-only in the final three events to make the score close at 91-81.

"The girls did well," Hastings coach Katie McAlpin said. "They had a good time swimming the off events."

The swimmer of the meet was Megan Jahnke, who dropped more than seven seconds for a personal best and section qualifying time in the 500 freestyle.

"I am looking forward to what she can do in her 500 in the future," McAlpin said.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay -- team of Melanie Devine, Brina Kari, Cassie Kimmes and Janna Sorg, first, 2:11.31; team of Allison Frandrup, Waibel, Abbie Gjelhaug and Kate Reilly, second, 2:13.38.

200 freestyle -- Leah Wallace, first, 2:06.38; Kari, second, 2:14.34; Sorg, third, 2:18.42.

200 individual medley -- Kimmes, first, 2:22.95; Mariah Wallace, second, 2:32.55; Megan Jahnke, third, 2:49.18.

50 freestyle -- Reilly, first, 26.79; Gjelhaug, second, 27.74; Christina Gillard, 30.11.

100 butterfly -- Reilly, first, 1:02.90; Kari, second, 1:08.06; Melanie Waibel, fifth, 1:22.03.

100 freestyle -- Kimmes, first, 57.74; Mariah Wallace, third, 1:00.73; Marissa Novak, fourth, 1:08.81.

500 freestyle -- Jahnke, second, 6:13.69; Gillard, third, 6:26.01; Devine, fourth, 6:53.32.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Sorg, Reilly, Kari and Wallace, first, 1:48.08; team of Kimmes, Gjelhaug, Waibel and Wallace, second, 1:50.87.

100 backstroke -- Gjelhaug, 1:10.29; Alyssa Spitzack, 1:12.44; Waibel, 1:20.64.

100 breaststroke -- Sorg, 1:22.02; Leah Wallace, 1:24.24; Waibel, 1:25.38.