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Royals too much for Raider swimmers

The perfect season for the Hastings girls swimming team has come to an end. It did so against a very familiar, and very likely, foe.


The Royals beat the Raiders Thursday night, 99-82.

"We didn't swim so well," Hastings coach Katie McAlpin said. "We gave it a shot, but this was not a great meet for us. We brushed it off and look forward to the next one."

Two-a-day practices have continued for the Raiders, leaving the team tired and sore, McAlpin said.

"The girls are pushing through it and continuing to train hard," she said. "We keep reminding them you get out of it what you put in. It will all be worth it in the end."

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Brina Kari, Kate Reilly, Wallace and Janna Sorg, first, 1:54.49; team of Melanie Devine, Marie Joerstad, Sydney Clark and Brittney Hogan, fourth, 2:47.88; team of Marissa Novak, Katie Fasbender, Melanie Waibel and Megan Jahnke, 2:26.76.

200 freestyle - Cassie Kimmes, first, 2:00.80; Mariah Wallace, fourth, 2:09.72; Christina Gillard, sixth, 2:25.72.

200 individual medley - Reilly, second, 2:18.35; Alyssa Spitzack, fourth, 2:27.45; Megan Waibel, 2:44.75.

50 freestyle - Kari, second, 25.50; Sorg, third, 26.44; Waibel, sixth, 27.29.

100 butterfly - Wallace, first, 1:01.14; Abbie Gjelhaug, second, 1:03.91; Novak, 1:12.73.

100 freestyle - Sorg, third, 58.05; Mariah Wallace, fifth, 59.62; Waibel, 1:01.63.

500 freestyle - Kimmes, first, 5:20.10; Gjelhaug, second, 5:26.75; Jahnke, 6:22.14.

200 freestyle relay - team of Sorg, Waibel, Gjelhaug and Kimmees, third, 1:46.98; team of Clark, Waibel, Gillard and Wallace, 1:56.31.

100 backstroke - Kari, first, 1:00.29; Leah Wallace, second, 1:03.90; Novak, 1:13.82.

100 breaststroke - Reilly, second, 1:10.96; Spitzack, fifth, 1:14.59; Gillard, 1:21.35.

400 freestyle relay - team of Kari, Kimmes, Wallace and Reilly, first, 3:46.65; team of Gjelhaug, Spitzack, Waibel and Wallace, 4:10.00; team of Gillard, Frandrup, Devin and Jahnke, 4:05.96.

Junior varsity

Results from the junior varsity races went like this:

200 freestyle - Allison Frandrup, third, 2:33.67; Melanie Devine, fourth, 2:36.41.

50 freestyle - Joerstad, third, 31.72; Clark, 39.80; Hogan, 45.45.

500 freestyle - Clark, fourth, 9:02.27; Hogan, fifth, 9:16.69.

100 backstroke - Devine, fourth, 1:24.94; Fasbender, fifth, 1:27.13; Frandrup, 1:30.60.

100 breaststroke - Waibel, second, 1:24.11.

400 freestyle relay - team of Joerstad, Fasbender, Clark and Hogan, fourth, 5:53.57.