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Swimming: Hastings improves to 5-0

Another week, another win for the Hastings swimming team.

The Raiders improved to a perfect 5-0 with a win over White Bear Lake, 87-81.

The meet was made closer by the fact that the Raiders swam exhibition-only in the final event, and by the fact that the Raiders mixed up their lineup considerably.

"It was really fun," McAlpin said. "We got to really mix it up. Each season I make a grid of best times and for this meet my goal was to fill that grid in as best I can. So that meant putting girls in events they normally do not swim. That matched up a lot of good swims with WBL."

The swimmer of the meet for the Raiders was freshman Sydney Clark, who cut seven seconds in both of her events and earned season-best times.

She also volunteered to swim the 100 butterfly, McAlpin said.

"When we announced the swimmer of the meet, she was so excited you would have thought we just handed her a million dollars," McAlpin said. "It made my day to see her so excited."

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Wallace, Alyssa Spitzack, Cassie Kimmes and Brina Kari, first, 2:00.22; team of Melanie Devine, Christina Gillard, Waibel and Abbie Gjelhaug, fifth, 2:17.90; team of Allison Frandrup, Janna Sorg, Megan Jahnke and Waibel, 2:18.46.

200 freestyle - Kate Reilly, first, 2:05.52; Gillard, fifth, 2:21.80; Jahnke 2:26.43.

200 individual medley - Kari, first, 2:23.44; Leah Wallace, second, 2:29.49; Devine, 2:49.44.

50 freestyle - Sorg, first, 26.64; Kimmes, third, 27.65; Spitzack, fifth, 28.81.

100 butterfly - Gjelhaug, first, 1:06.06; Melanie Waibel, fifth, 1:22.27; Devine, 1:23.58.

100 freestyle - Mariah Wallace, second, 1:00.94; Spitzack, fourth, 1:03.30; Waibel, 1:09.23.

500 freestyle - Reilly, first, 5:33.64; Kari, second, 5:44.95; Jahnke, fourth, 6:23.65.

200 freestyle relay - team of Sorg, Wallace, Wallace and Reilly, first, 1:48.05; team of Frandrup, Devine, Waibel and Gjelhaug, fourth, 2:03.55.

100 backstroke - Kimmes, first, 1:06.76; Sorg, fourth, 1:17.02; Waibel, 1:19.09.

100 breaststroke - Gjelhaug, first, 1:17.25; Mariah Wallace, third, 1:23.91; Leah Wallace, fourth, 1:26.84.

400 freestyle relay - team of Kari, Wallace, Reilly and Kimmes, 3:55.97.