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Powderpuff game is Oct. 6

Senior Lisa Mattson runs the ball around classmate Kenzie Klimek. Alli Steiner watches the play.1 / 3
Courtney Boucher looks to throw the ball to one of her teammates during practice.2 / 3
All the girls who signed up to play powderpuff football got a T-shirt designed specifically for the games.3 / 3

The field at Pleasant Park was alive with energy late Monday morning, as the girls of Hastings High School practiced for their upcoming powderpuff football games.

Many of the girls who will play next Wednesday attended the practice. Boys from the high school varsity football team served as coaches.

The girls will play their powderpuff football games at Todd Field Oct. 6. The games begin at 7 p.m.

There will be two games, each lasting about 50 minutes. The sophomores and freshman will play each other in one game, and seniors and juniors will play the other.

Admission is $2. All proceeds will be donated to Hastings Family Service.