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Raiders volleyball hopes to turn things around

Hastings volleyball coach Rita Girgen is convinced her team has what it takes to finish the season with more wins than losses.

Right now, though, that isn't playing out on the court.

Hastings has a 2-10 record, and Girgen and the team members are hard at work to get things turned around.

"I can't sit here and say the record isn't disappointing," Girgen said, "but as long as we are trying to take the right steps forward and getting progress, that's the important thing.

"I do believe we are better than a .500 team. Until we do all the little things we keep talking about, we're not going to see the success with the wins. We're talking about it a lot. Now we have to transfer that all over into the game. When we do, we'll be set. We'll get on a roll. It's just a matter of time."

Girgen said the team has great practices and it looks like things are ready to go, but at gametime that work hasn't been revealed during a match.

"That has been the big thing - how do we transfer our practice play into game play?" she said. "We practice and we train very hard. We're very disciplined in practice and we're trying to figure out how to transfer that into our matches."

One of the team's recent losses was a 3-0 loss at the hands of White Bear Lake. The Bears won 25-23, 25-22 and 25-20.

"We just didn't have anybody who was executing," Girgen said. "We lacked consistency. We just didn't have a flow. There were times we did things really well, but we were not going well with them long enough.

"We're not completing a whole game, let alone an entire match right now."

In the third game, Girgen experimented with the Hastings lineup and it was her opinion that the changes were beneficial and she plans to stick with them this week.

"We just have to buckle down and do the little things," she said. "We really have to focus on discipline and all the little things that make a game complete."

Biancca DuFour led Hastings in kills with 11. Liz Keena had five.

Amy Becker had 11 set assists. Tabitha McCloud had nine and Kaylyn Nicklay had six.

Devon Santelman had five digs.

DuFour had two block assists and one solo block.

Nicklay had eight serving points. DuFour had seven.

Vs Stillwater

Hastings lost to Stillwater on Tuesday night to slip to 2-10 on the season.

The Ponies won in three straight games. The scores were 25-6, 25-17 and 25-13.