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Seventeen made 10,000 shots

The Hastings Basketball Boosters launched their first ever Hastings 10,000 Shot Club this past summer. Fifty players took on the challenge of making 10,000 shots from June 1 through Aug. 31 and made a total of 277,459 shots.

The 18 players that made 10,000 shots are fourth-graders Sully Levos and James Scharr; fifth-graders Grant Hollar, Sawyer Levos, Cory Rohloff, John Rupp, Jeff Stordahl, Levi Zak and Joe Zak; sixth-graders Noah Brenny and Brandon Haroldson; seventh-graders Brooke Beissel, Mikaela Blount, Kalli Rohloff and Katherine Rupp; eighth-grader Jay Sorg; and ninth-grader Austin Reuter.