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Swimming: Raiders have no trouble with Rangers

The Hastings girls swimming team had no trouble beating Forest Lake on Thursday, getting out to a big lead en route to an 88-77 win.

Hastings won every event.

The swimmer of the meet for the Raiders was sophomore Kate Reilly.

"She had a great first meet," Hastings coach Katie McAlpin said. "Her individual times were right on. She is going to be a great asset to our team this year."

Hastings plays host to Cretin-Derham Hall in the first home meet of the season, set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Hastings Middle School pool.

The team also has a fund-raiser planned for Saturday, Sept. 11. From 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. at the 2nd Street Depot in downtown Hastings, diners can get sausage, eggs and unlimited pancakes for $6.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Brina Kari, Leah Wallace, Kate Reilly and Janna Sorg, first, 1:56.04; team of Fasbender, Allison Frandrup, Waibel and Mariah Wallace, seventh, 2:23.71; team of Christina Gillard, Megan Jahnke, Marissa Novak and Melanie Devine, 2:27.16; team of Brittany Hogan, Sydney Clark, Marie Joerstad and Julia Donath, 3:05.77.

200 freestyle - Cassie Kimmes, first, 2:00.94; Melanie Waibel, third, 2:16.43; Alyssa Spitzack, fourth, 2:16.48; Marissa Novak, seventh, 2:26.18; Sydney Clark, 3:35.82.

200 individual medley - Leah Wallace, first, 2:22.57; Mariah Wallace, third, 2:36.91; Megan Waibel, seventh, 2:42.68; Reilly, 2:45.30; Gillard, 2:48.63; Megan Jahnke, 2:52.19.

50 freestyle - Gjelhaug, first, 26.74; Sorg, second, 26.78; Frandrup, 32.71; Joerstad, 33.77; Melanie Devine, 43.44; Brittany Hogan, 43.69.

100 butterfly - Reilly, first, 1:02.08; Kimmes, second, 1:06.18; Devine, sixth, 1:22.75.

100 freestyle - Kari, first, 57.90; Fasbender, seventh, 1:14.06; Clark, 1:41.38; Donath, 1:42.04.

500 freestyle - Gjelhaug, first, 5:35.28; Leah Wallace, second, 5:35.39; Gillard, fifth, 6:39.32.

200 freestyle relay - team of Sorg, Kimmes, Kari and Reilly, first, 1:45.72; team of Spitzack, Frandrup, Waibel and Gjelhaug, third, 1:56.50.

100 backstroke - Kari, first, 1:03.21; Mariah Wallace, second, 1:11.18; Novak, fourth, 1:13.46; Devine, 1:23.62; Fasbender, 1:24.36; Jahnke, 1:27.13.

100 breaststroke - Reilly, 1:13.35; Spitzack, 1:16.47; Megan Waibel, 1:23.74; Melanie Waibel, 1:22.12; Joerstad, 1:39.65.

400 freestyle relay - team of Wallace, Wallace, Kimmes and Gjelhaug, 4:00.06; team of Waibel, Gillard, Fasbender and Spitzack, 4:34.68; team of Novak, Frandrup, Waibel and Jahnke, 4:39.30.