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Girls golfers pack six matches into two weeks

The school year is nearing its end, but the Hastings girls golf team still has three more matches to play before the Suburban East Conference tournament May 27. The girls already packed three SEC matches into the past week.

"We're going to be hitting it hard the next couple weeks," head coach Becky Hartung said last week.

Since the Raiders had only played three conference matches, it was still difficult to say how far they've come this season, Hartung said.

"Overall they're a good team," she said. "They have fun, and they get along really well."

The girls earned their best team score ever, Hartung said, at the Rosemount Irish Invitational April 30. Together, the girls shot a 384 over 18 holes.

The two girls who stand out are senior captain Ellen Bergschneider and freshman Sadie Karbo.

Both players scored their personal bests (89 on 18 holes for Bergschneider and 93 for Karbo) at the Rosemount invitational. Bergschneider posted the best individual score for the Raiders this season, a 44 on nine holes.

"Those two have been our most consistent players," Hartung said.

Consistency is something the team needs to do well in this last week and into the tournaments. Two more consistent scores each match would put the Raiders in a good position, Hartung said.

The order in each match is determined by scores in practices, and because the scores have been changing so much, the last three spots on the varsity team have been like a revolving door, Hartung said. If a junior varsity girl puts up a good score, she might get bumped onto the varsity lineup for a match.

In one sense, that inconsistency can be a good thing, because it makes the girls more competitive.

"And that's what we need them to be," Hartung said.

As a team, the Raiders are playing well off the tees, but are struggling with pitching and putting.

"We're three-putting too much," Hartung said.

Thanks to the poor weather that made for a slow day at the Hastings Country Club, the Raiders were able to focus their practice on that short game last week, skipping the tees and starting each hole 100 yards in.