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Baseball team misses by one run

Vs. East Ridge

Hastings nearly had its first conference win May 5 against East Ridge.

Nick Bachman gave up four runs in the bottom of the first inning to give East Ridge an early lead. East Ridge scored another three in the third, while the Raiders still had not managed to get a run.

In the fourth, Justin Knoll scored on a double by Wes Hedlund, and Bachman hit a home run that put himself and Hedlund over home plate.

Tyler Rohr, Knoll, and David Schoeberl scored in the fifth, putting the Raiders just one run behind East Ridge.

It was three batters and three outs in the bottom of the fifth for East Ridge. After two outs in the top of the sixth, Nick Huemoeller and Austin Nelson scored on a single by Schoeberl, and Rohr scored on a double by Hedlund, putting the Raiders two runs ahead.

Schoeberl took over the mound in the bottom of the sixth and allowed three East Ridge runs. Tony Hammes and Andres Lindberg scored in the seventh, but East Ridge scored two more runs in the last half inning to beat Hastings 12-11.

Vs. Mounds View

The Raiders' game against Mounds View Monday, May 10, looked like it might be another solid defeat through the fifth inning. Mounds View scored its first run in the bottom of the first, scored two more in the fourth and another in the fifth to lead Hastings 4-0.

Rohr would have none of that. After Nelson made it to first on a fielding error, Rohr hit a home run, giving the Raiders two runs. The homer was followed by three outs, and the Raiders were unable to add to their score in the seventh. Mounds View won 4-2, putting the Raiders' overall record at 1-12.