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Gymnastics season ends at section meet

The Hastings gymnastics team ended its season over the weekend at the section gymnastics meet.

Hastings finished with a team score of 128.35 points.

"The section meet was a challenge for us as we dealt with injuries, sickness, and a tough rotation," Hastings coach Megan Latch said. "The meet started with us on beam, which is always a hard event to start on. After beam, the girls did a great job of pulling things together. They did awesome on both vault and bars, and their hard work from the season paid off."

Hastings had just one senior on the roster this year -- Michelle Willis.

"As we look forward to next year, we will miss our only senior, Michelle, but feel fortunate to have such a young team for next season," Latch said.

The Raiders scored 34.225 points on vault, 31.35 on bars, 30.475 on beam and 32.30 on floor.

Individual scores went like this:

Freshman Jamie Becker scored a 33.90 in the all-around, which put her in 16th place. Her scores and places in the four events went like this: vault -- 8.475, 36th; bars -- 8.2, 25th; beam -- 8.6 (19th); and floor -- 8.625, 24th.

Freshman Alison Kromer scored a 32.750 in the all-around, earning her 20th place. Her scores and places went like this: vault -- 8.575, 32nd; bars -- 8.0, 30th; beam -- 7.85, 32nd; and floor -- 8.325, 31st.

Junior Sophia Kneen placed 21st in the all-around with 30.725 points. Her scores and places went like this: vault -- 8.65, 28th; bars -- 7.65, 34th; beam -- 6.7, 41st; and floor -- 7.7725, 37th.

Junior Courtney Kasel had a 30.675 in all-around and placed 22nd. Her scores and places went like this: vault -- 8.525, 34th; bars -- 7.5, 36th; beam -- 7.025, 38th; and floor -- 7.625, 39th.

Freshman Kaylee Hennen had an all-around score of 30.250, which put her in 23rd place. Her scores and places went like this: vault -- 8.35, 39th; bars -- 7.50, 37th; beam -- 7.0, 39th; and floor -- 7.4, 40th.

Vs East Ridge

Hastings scored 131.05 points in a dual-meet loss to East Ridge recently. East Ridge finished with 137.475 points.

Kneen led Hastings on vault with a score of 8.4. Kasel and Becker each had 8.3. Kromer had an 8.2 and Hennen had an 8.175.

Becker led the Raiders on bars with an 8.05. Kromer had a 7.7, Hennen had a 7.425, Kneen had a 7.3 and Kasel had a 6.95.

Becker had an 8.9 on beam to lead the Raiders and the rest of the field. She won the event. Kromer had an 8.675, Kasel had an 8.35, Kneen had an 8.225 and Hennen finished with an 8.0.

On floor, Becker led the Raiders with an 8.8. Kneen scored an 8.3, Kasel had an 8.125, Kromer had an 8.0 and Hennen had a 7.8.

Becker finished third in the all-around with 34.05 points.

In junior varsity action, Laura Swaback finished the all-around with a score of 31.2 points. She won three of the four events in the junior varsity competition.