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Girls basketball: Raiders lose pair of SEC games

For the first 14 minutes of Friday's girls basketball game against Roseville, it was an even matchup.

Hastings was in it.

But that changed with just a few minutes to play in the first half. Roseville went on a run to close out the half and led by 13 at 29-16.

Nothing prepared Hastings, though, for how the second half started. Roseville went on a 24-0 run to begin the second half. They went on to win, 65-24.

"For the first 14 minutes of the first half, we played extremely well," Hastings coach Mike Harp said. "That game was even. Then we let the lead get away from us. We made some turnovers, then got out of our game plan and started letting Roseville push the tempo."

During that 24-0 run by Roseville, Harp said Hastings missed some easy shots that could have stopped the run. He was more troubled by what he saw defensively, though.

"A few days earlier, we gave up seven points in one half to East Ridge," he said. "Then we give up 36 points and a 24-0 run. Our defensive effort as very poor in the second half. We just got outworked."

Hastings has a 1-14 record on the season through Tuesday.

"You just have to keep working hard," Harp said. "We keep working on fundamentals and keep working to get better. The one goal for us has to be sections. Our section is still wide open. We can still be a good basketball team, but we have to find some consistency.

Scoring for Hastings went like this: Lisa Kranz, 2; Emily Daggett, 4; Mary Haglund, 3; Kallie Dylla, 2; Katie Knoll, 2; Liz Keena, 9; and Michelle Mages, 2.

Vs Park

Hastings lost to Park on Tuesday night, 50-33.