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Swimmers snap streak, beat Woodbury for first time in 13 years

For days leading up to Thursday's swimming meet against Woodbury, Hastings coach Katie McAlpin and her assistant, Gerry Rupp, pondered their lineup. Hours were spent pouring over the lineup, trying to figure out what combination of swimmers could defeat the Royals.

Defeating the Royals, you see, is something Hastings hadn't done in 13 years.

Consider that streak over.

McAlpin and Rupp came up with the right combination, the Hastings swimmers had personal bests, and the Raiders cruised to a 95-73 win. At one point, Hastings led 95-61.

"It was weird," McAlpin said. "I was telling Gerry, 'Does it sound bad to say I'm disappointed it was this easy?' He and I spent hours figuring out this lineup."

From the start of the meet, Hastings took charge, finishing first and third in the meet's first event, the 200 medley relay. When Hastings swimmers finished first, third and fifth in the 200 freestyle and the Raiders took a 20-10 lead, things were looking up. And the rest of the meet was much the same.

When Hastings finished first, second and fourth in the 500 free to take a 68-42 lead, there was no doubt about it. The night belonged to Hastings.

"It was our night, and it wasn't their night," McAlpin said. "The girls got to see what putting in a lot of work means. They were rewarded for that work."

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay -- team of Gjelhaug, Emily Alitz, Leah Wallace and Leah Roesler, first, 1:53.73; team of Jen Lindberg, Cortney Walls, Sarah Conway and Kate Reilly, third, 1:58.87; team of Allison Frandrup, Ashley Henning, Waibel and Heather Winkler, sixth, 2:16.20; team of Julia Donath, Kaitlyn Fasbender, Pamela Jahnke and Elizabeth Cole, 2:40.08.

200 freestyle -- Cassie Kimmes, first, 1:58.67; Wallace, third, 2:03.06; Mariah Ring, fifth, 2:05.33; and Melanie Devine, 2:37.61.

200 individual medley -- Alitz, second, 2:17.19; Abbie Gjelhaug, third, 2:21.56; Emily Gjelhaug, fourth, 2:23.84; Masha Wagner, 2:32.45; Heather Winkler, 2:47.08; and Li Cole, 3:06.16.

50 freestyle -- Roesler, second, 25.02; Janna Sorg, fourth, 26.18; Kate Reilly, 26.21; Alyssa Spitzack, 28.53; Megan Waibel, 29.40; and Brittney Hogan, 50.38.

100 butterfly -- Roesler, first, 58.08; Sarah Conway, fourth, 1:07.33; Lindberg, fifth, 1:10.35; Megan Waibel, 1:18.53; Heather Winkler, 1:24.67; and Frandrup, 1:42.81.

100 freestyle -- Wallace, first, 56.07; Reilly, third, 57.45; Sorg, fourth, 57.58; Liz Nulty, 1:03.09; Henning, 1:04.90; Melanie Waibel, 1:08.09; Donath, 1:33.45; and Hogan, 1:55.15.

500 freestyle -- Kimmes, first, 5:16.65; Abbie Gjelhaug, second, 5:33.75; Ring, fourth, 5:49.97; Fasbender, 6:43.42; and Jahnke, 7:14.11.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Sorg, Wallace, Alitz and Roesler, first, 1:43.41; team of Waibel, Gjelhaug, Ring and Kimmes, third, 1:48.21; team of Walls, Wagner, Spitzack and Conway, fifth, 1:53.67; and team of Coco Hsu, Yi Chen, Donath and Hogan, 2:01.62.

100 backstroke -- Emily Gjelhaug, first, 1:03.66; Lindberg, third, 1:06.55; Wagner, 1:15.21; Nulty, 1:16.58; Henning, 1:16.91; and Frandup, 1:50.23.

100 breaststroke -- Alitz, second, 1:11.06; Walls, third, 1:12.81; Spitzack, fifth, 1:14.80; Fasbender, 1:27.46; Jahnke, 1:43.13; Cole, 1:43.53; Hsu, 1:59.05; and Chen, 2:00.25.

400 freestyle relay -- team of Gjelhaug, Ring, Lindberg and Kimmes, 3:56.46; team of Sorg, Gjelhaug, Waibel and Reilly, 3:57.40; team of Walls, Wagner, Spitzack and Waibel, 4:16.23; team of Devine, Jahnke, Henning and Nulty, fifth, 4:42.73; and team of Hogan, Fasbender, Cole and Hsu, 6:07.41.


The Hastings girls swimming and diving team won an annual invitational in Buffalo Saturday with 403 team points. Buffalo was second with 378.5, and Big Lake was third with 210.5. There were six teams in the meet.

Hastings won eight of 12 events and recaptured the tournament title. The Raiders won the meet in Buffalo in 2005, 2006 and 2007 before placing second last year.

Results went like this:

200 medley relay -- team of Emily Gjelhaug, Alitz, Wallace and Roesler, first, 1:56.31; team of Lindberg, Walls, Conway and Reilly, third, 1:59.00; team of Jahnke, Waibel, Winkler and Nulty, 14th, 2:16.93.

200 freestyle -- Roesler, first, 1:59.17; Kimmes, second, 2:00.76; Abbie Gjelhaug, sixth, 2:05.36.

200 individual medley -- Alitz, first, 2:17.84; Spitzack, eighth, 2:31.06; Henning, 14th ,2:40.57.

50 freestyle -- Sorg, second, 26.13; Reilly, third, 26.18; Nulty, 14th, 28.87.

100 butterfly -- Roesler, first, 1:00.22; Wallace, second, 1:00.67; Emily Gjelhaug, fourth, 1:06.32.

100 freestyle -- Sorg, fourth, 57.70; Reilly, fifth, 57.79; Melanie Waibel, 10th, 1:01.79.

500 freestyle -- Kimmes, first, 5:18.59; Abbie Gjelhaug, second, 5:31.40; Megan Waibel, eighth, 6:04.68.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Sorg, Reilly, Abbie Gjelhaug and Kimmes, second, 1:45.64; team of Conway, Melanie Waibel, Henning and Lindberg, sixth, 1:50.34; team of Cole, Jahnke, Frandrup and Fasbender, 16th, 2:10.23.

100 backstroke -- Wallace, first, 1:03.47; Emily Gjelhaug, second, 1:03.87; Lindberg, third, 1:06.05.

100 breaststroke -- Walls, first, 1:11.47; Alitz, second, 1:11.92; Spitzack, eighth, 1:17.35.

400 freestyle relay -- team of Wallace, Kimmes, Alitz and Roesler, first, 3:47.32; team of Sorg, Gjelhaug, Spitzack and Emily Gjelhaug, seventh, 4:05.12; team of Cole, Frandup, Winkler and Fasbender, 15th, 4:45.25.