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Rivertown Days tennis tournament results posted

The Hastings Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament results are published here. The tournament was sponsored by the Hastings Women's Tennis League.

The tournament had 15 divisions and 165 entries.

The proceeds are used to give a scholarship to a senior girl who has played tennis at the varsity level, and to fund equipment and program needs for the girls and boys teams at Hastings High School.

Results are as follows:

Event: Girls Singles, Grades 6-8

1st Place Morgan Tjomsland

2nd Place Jill Weinzettel

Event: Girls Singles, Grades 9-12

1st Place Lindsey Reinisch

2nd Place Shanna Burgmeier

Consolation Kirsten Peterson

Event: Girls Doubles, Grades 9-12

1st Place Ashley Brooks/Megan Fleming

2nd Place Kelsey and Morgan Tjomsland

Event: Boys Singles, Grades 6-8

1st Place Cody Arndtson

2nd Place Nakhil Gupta

Consolation Steven Roach

Event: Boys Singles, Grades 9-12

1st Place Ben Uecker

2nd Place Jake Langeslay

Consolation Charlie Carpenter

Event: Youth Doubles Grades 6-8

1st Place Cody Arndtson/Skylar Rawling

2nd Place Ben Klimek/Steven Roach

Consolation Vishad Gupta/Nakhil Gupta

Event: Women's Singles

1st Place Taylor Reiners

2nd Place Kelli Oborn

Consolation Beth Pick-Bowes

Event: Women's Doubles

1st Place Angie Beissel/Rachel Cox

2nd Place Taylor Reiners/Shanna Burgmeier

Consolation Kelli Oborn/Krystal Rotty

Event: Men's Singles, Division 1

1st Place Josh Knutson

2nd Place Craig Raway

Consolation Mike Moran

Event: Men's Singles, Division 2

1st Place Shane Rother

2nd Place Tony Halfen

Consolation Nate Stewart

Event: Men's Singles, 40+

1st Place Richard VonIderstine

2nd Place Jason Strangis

Consolation Lynn Olson

Event: Men's Doubles, Division 1

1st Place Craig Raway/Mick Willette

2nd Place Ben Carlson/Josh Houska

Consolation Mike Moran/Dan Moran

Event: Men's Doubles, Division 2

1st Place Mike Lund/Mike McMenomy

2nd Place Don Bauer/Rick Hancks

Consolation Shane Rother/Mike Huba

Event: Mixed Doubles, Division 1

1st Place Taylor Reiners/Craig Raway

2nd Place Shanna Burgmeier/Josh Houska

Consolation Natalie Arnold/Matt Herding

Event: Mixed Doubles

1st Place Jaime Johnson/Mike Johnson

2nd Place Linda Aasen/Rick Hancks

Consolation Cindy Lund/Mike Lund