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Letters to the editor for Feb. 23

HHS play was 'emotional manifesto'

To the editor,

A word to the cast of "Emotional Baggage" enacted on stage Feb. 10, 11 and 12 in the Hastings High School:

You portrayed the individual characters with enthusiasm! In fact, you were much too good in leading us to the conclusion of each skit.

I recall that Hastings had a superintendent years ago named Ken LaCroix. I guarantee he would not have given his approval of those skits to be presented to the public, the taxpayers (they are people who built your school here in District 200. You will learn more about that as you get on with real life).

Now you are teenagers. Was this material age appropriate? Swearing? And so much swearing! Relationships based on anything and nothing. You worked through hours and hours of practice; you put words and actions into your memory; does this have no effect on you?

As we left the auditorium, the person who had been sitting next to me shared his thoughts:

"Tradition! Too bad the director did not at least end it all with the last skit upholding tradition. And re-name the play: Emotional Manifesto!"

Mary Lou Bauer