Editorial: Show choir’s success is evidence of hard work


Week after week, the Hastings High School top show choir, Riverside Company, proves just how good it is. So far this season, it’s swept every one of its competitions, taking home not only grand champion awards but every single caption award possible.
Considering that they are going up against top choirs from across the country, that’s not an easy feat.
It would be easy for the choir members to try to skate through the rest of the season, letting their reputation sing for them. But that’s not what’s happening.
“I’ve never gotten a sense that they’re willing to just rest on their laurels,” director Lin Warren said this week.
This is a group of students that continues to work hard, even when they have win after win backing them up and when they’ve been rehearsing and performing the same set for months on end.
The community has a lot to be proud of with this talented group. They’ve represented Hastings in an incredibly positive light across the country. In the meantime, those students have learned a great lesson at school: hard work pays off.
The success of the program is no accident. It’s possible only through hard work, from the teachers and adults involved in dreaming up the show every year to the band, the traveling band of helpers who set up the show and then, of course, the students themselves. We’re happy for you all, and you can rest assured that your community is behind you.