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Editorial: Here’s to the best gift ever — time

It’s Christmas Eve and yet another year on the calendar is about to tick by.

Our lives are flying by at breakneck pace as we zip into Walgreens for our prescriptions, pick the kids up from school, drop them off at hockey, shuttle them to swimming and then whisk them home for showers and homework.

We plop down on the couch, grab our phones, put our feet up and take a deep breath. We made it another day.

Over these next few days, though, we have a real chance to change all that. There are no sports planned. There are no school activities or homework to get done. Many of us don’t have to punch the time clock at work. Most of the errands are run by now. There’s a chance now. A chance to slow. Everything. Down.

Here’s to hoping we all make the most of this opportunity. That we give our children what they really want this Christmas — our undivided attention and our time.

Here’s to hoping that, over the next few days, we find this all so refreshing that it spills into next week, too. That, even while we slowly starting to add a few things back on to the to-do list, that we give ourselves enough time to get it all done so we aren’t just flying from one place to the next.

Let’s come into the new year with a little bit of practice for 2016. Some practice at slowing down. Some practice at doing nothing other than what it is we’re actually doing. Let’s do one thing at a time. Let’s do it well. Then let’s move on to our next task.

We can’t treat the holidays as the only time of the year where we look around, take stock of our lives and contentedly smile.

Are we really comfortable with doing this just a few days a year and not practicing it at all over the other 360 days?

Every hour during every busy week we have could be better and could last longer if we focus on the task at hand and nothing else.

This holiday season, we hope you get that cool kitchen gadget you have hoped for. Or that great pair of headphones. Or that new video game. But more than anything, we hope you get some real time with your family.



Unaware of the outside world.

Untethered to the slick new toys you got at Christmas.

Time can slow down if we make it do so.