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Editorial: So long to a great leader

Steve Messick never wrote stories for this paper. His byline never appeared next to a photo, either. For the most part, especially since coming back to work here in the early 1990s, his job was performed behind the scenes.

Typically, the only time readers or advertisers would talk to him was when something had gone wrong.

The rest of us, though, had the pleasure (?) to work with him on a daily basis. Now, he’s retiring. He spent 38 years working for our group of newspapers here, and will certainly be missed.

His style was certainly unique. He had no problem invading your personal space, to put it mildly.

One thing was for sure — it was always in your best interest to be up front with him. He didn’t like surprises and could smell a lie from a mile away. It was better to take your licking straight away and then move on than to try to cover for yourself and make up a flimsy excuse or two.

As he always said, “It ain’t rocket science.”

No, it’s not, but we sure had a blast working with him. May you find all the panfish and Jim Beam your (cold but sometimes warm) heart can handle.