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Editorial: Country club sale is big news in Hastings

On Friday, Nov. 13, the Hastings Country Club was sold to a group of investors. It’s a major development in Hastings — or, at least, it could be.

If all goes as planned, the club will operate for many years as a profitable place for members and the public to play golf.

If all does not go as planned, you can expect to see the course, or portions of it, sold off for residential developments. That is a scenario too scary to imagine at the moment. We’d hate to see it come to that. The land the club sits on, of course, is the club’s most valuable asset. Without a doubt, that land would be coveted by developers if the club can’t make it.

We’d hate to see the land turned into rows and rows of houses if the club can’t make it. The club has always been beautifully maintained and has been a jewel in that part of the city for dozens of years. Plowing it up and paving it all would dramatically change the landscape — for the worse.

At the same time, it won’t be easy for the club to make it. Golf has been beaten up by a number of factors since the economic downturn that started around 2007. Courses and clubs across the state and across the nation have closed in recent years, and the Hastings Country Club took a big hit.

It closed. It reopened for golf only and now it’s sold.

Here’s to hoping the new owners come up with a strong business plan and can make this course work financially.

If it doesn’t work, we shudder at the thought of what could come down the road.