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Editorial: County’s task force model is the right one

This week, we report on the relatively new electronic crimes unit at the Dakota County Law Enforcement Center. In case you missed it, the story is on the front page.

The model adopted by the sheriff’s office for this new unit is a great one. Departments across the county (with just two exceptions) are all sharing the costs of the unit. It’s a great way to fund a specialized group of employees. There’s no way a department the size of the one in Hastings could adequately operate a unit like this one. With this task force model, Hastings gets the benefits of having the power of such a unit without having to pay for it all themselves.

One thing we want to make clear — the county has had an electronic crime unit since 2003, but since earlier this year, the task force model was adopted. The work done by past employees on the unit is applauded, and the work being done by the unit now needs to be recognized. The job they have is a challenging one, filled with seeing all kinds of images that are repulsive to 99.9 percent of the population.