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Editorial: Donation by winning team is inspiring

Last week, we wrote about the Hastings mother and daughter who found the Edina Realty Rivertown Days medallion and then donated the $500 cash prize to their church’s youth group.

This week, we bring more good news. Following a fun summer activity for a group of Hastings teens, the Nerf wars, the winners are donating their prize to a family hard hit by a house fire.

In all, the winning team won about $700.

There are plenty of cynics out there regarding the youths of today. Those cynics, though, have all too quickly jumped to irrational conclusions based on limited contact.

We find the behavior of the young women involved here to be inspiring and a true sign of what the youths of today are capable of.

Congratulations to you all, and congratulations to your parents for having helped raised such conscientious young women.