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Editorial: Busy week in news calls for some more clarification

What a week in Hastings news. On the front page this week, we have a terrible tragedy, a close funnel cloud scare, the challenge facing the Hastings Country Club and, of course, the flood.

We have a little bit more to say on a few of those stories:

In the shooting death — No suspects are in custody. Nobody has been charged. Nobody has been arrested for murder. Sorry to burst your rumor bubble on that.

On the funnel cloud scare: The sirens did go off. It may have seemed bizarre at the time as skies certainly didn’t appear threatening when they went off. The sounding of the sirens was absolutely the right call. Let’s use Monday as an example of how quickly conditions can change, and it’s better to be safe than sorry with the sirens.

On the country club: Challenges lie ahead for certain. It’s a leap, though, to say that its closure is a foregone conclusion. Let’s wait and see on that one.