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Editorial: Decision to move graduation inside was the right one

On Friday morning, the graduating class of 2014 at Hastings High School certainly had a lot to smile about.

They were, of course, graduating that night. Another reason to smile? The weather. It looked as though it was shaping up to be a beautiful day and it sure seemed like graduation was going to be outdoors.

That plan changed, though, when the school district announced that because of the threat of thunderstorms for Friday night, the ceremony would have to be moved indoors.

You would have thought the district was announcing that it had forgotten to order diplomas.

One student on Twitter wrote: “Is Tim Collins looking at the right Hastings? F___ inside graduation!”

People showed up to the school district office to protest the decision.

Others called school board members.

So what in the world happened? Superintendent Tim Collins, made a logical decision based on the weather forecast. In the end, it did not rain. That said, there were thunderstorms in the area by 7 p.m. and while they missed Hastings, they didn’t exactly miss our city by hundreds of miles.

Tim Collins didn’t wake up Friday morning plotting to destroy the hopes of families who wanted to pack Todd Field. Rather, he acted in a cautious manner.

Imagine if the first 150 names were announced and a bolt of lightning hit in the distance. Graduation would be stopped and those remaining students would have to come out to the high school the following week to pick up their diplomas. Would you want that instead?

Lastly, moving graduation to a safe spot indoors is a first world problem. Let’s not forget that. Was it inconvenient for some? Sure. But it was also safe for everyone.