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Editorial: Congratulations Riverside Company

They did it again!

The top Hastings show choir, Riverside Company, placed second in the nation on Saturday and again represented the community of Hastings well.

As we referenced in our story on Page 1A this week, it takes about a year to put together a show of this caliber. Countless hours of work by a countless number of people go into the project, and the result of all that hard work was seen on Saturday in Chicago.

To everyone involved: Congratulations!

Whether you were involved in the program as a faculty member at HHS or as a parent volunteer, you should all feel especially proud. It took a lot of work to put this show together, and it also took a lot of work to fund all the trips this year. Your work is appreciated.

If you were a singer or a trumpet player, you should feel especially proud. You got to be up on stage and get the thrill of performing live. We hope you take the time to thank the teachers and the parents who helped make all of this a possibility.

If you worked on the program all year and were behind the scenes, thank you for all the work you did.

One of the best parts of extracurricular activities at the high school level is that students learn the lesson that hard work pays off. This point was proven this year.