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Editorial: Congratulations to a behind-the-scenes kind of guy

We tried this week to bring you a big story about a well-known face in Hastings and a significant anniversary he recently reached.

But, true to form, that well-known face carefully took a step back and asked that the light not shine on him.

Well, we are here to change that. We are happy to shine the light on Pete McGinnis.

If you have a child who has played basketball over the past 25 years, you’ll no doubt know the name. For 25 years now, McGinnis has been the in-house youth basketball program coordinator. The Basketball Boosters recently honored him with a plaque, and someone sent in that photo, which we used on Page 9A this week. We did reach out to McGinnis so that we could ask him why in the world he has done this for 25 years, but that’s when he stepped back.

Obviously, the man does his work without seeking recognition. Or a big paycheck, for that matter.

The work he has done, though, deserves some recognition. Thousands of kids have come through the program over the 25 years that he has worked on it. Hopefully, each one of them was better in some way, shape or form for having been in an organized sport.

People like Pete McGinnis make Hastings such a great place to live. He works hard, behind the scenes, to help make competitive athletics better for each and every boy and girl in Hastings who join.

He deserves a whole lot of recognition, even if he thinks he doesn’t.