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Editorial: Here’s to the color of the next century here: terra cotta

A few years ago, when the Visual Quality Team, working in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, decided to use the color terra cotta for the new Hastings bridge, relatively few people put up a fuss.

When the main arches for the bridge, though, were painted that color, phone lines here at the paper lit up.

That’s not going to be the color of the bridge, right? several people asked.

What color will it be once they paint over the primer? another asked.

That’s when we referenced the Visual Quality Team’s decision. Still, that provided little comfort to many of our readers.

Others complained that the bridge isn’t, in fact, terra cotta but is orange instead.

Well, we’re here to tell you that if you don’t like terra cotta (or whatever color you want to call the new bridge), you’re probably going to start getting sick to your stomach.

The city has the color included in plans for its new logo.

The proposed pavilion along the riverfront also calls on the color to play a prominent role in its structure.

We’re ambivalent at this point about the color. The bridge is such an improvement on the landscape that the color hasn’t had us worked up.

That said, ask us how we feel about the color in another 75 years and we’ll let you know then.