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Editorial: Election season is now upon us

It appears as though the fall 2013 election season is upon us. Hastings voters ought to pay attention, as they’ll be asked to renew an operating levy for the school district, and they’ll also be asked to make a few decisions regarding the people who will serve on the school board.

So, real quick, here are some groundrules:

• The final week for any letters that raise new issues is Oct. 24. This will give the opposition a chance to respond in our Oct. 31 issue.

•The only letters that will appear in our Oct. 31 issue are simple letters of support and any responses to letters that were published Oct. 24.

• Letters should be fewer than 500 words.

• The deadline is noon on Mondays.

• Letters can be emailed to, mailed in or dropped off.

• There is no limit to the number of letters one person can write.

• We do our best to publish every single letter we get in. If you aren’t seeing any letters for a certain candidate, it’s not because we refused to run them. If there’s a candidate you support, we’d encourage you to write in.

• If you have any questions, call or write the Star Gazette editor. His phone number is 651-319-4500.