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Editorial: Remodeling, and more, at Hastings restaurant

Over the summer, we’ve all watched as crews got to work at Las Margaritas in Hastings.

Now that the work has been completed, we’re all still gawking.

What a beautiful transformation for their restaurant and the surrounding area.

We are happy that the restaurant reinvested in Hastings, and that they did such a great job of cleaning up their property and a nearby property that had fallen into disrepair.

They no doubt spent considerable amounts of money to turn their property around and build an addition. From what we can tell, the results certainly justify the expense.

They’re not the only ones who have recently done a lot of work at their property along on Vermillion Street. The former O’Connor Plumbing and Heating building (now Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) was just repainted and landscaped. The Coliseum also repainted and landscaped recently.