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Editorial: Kudos go out to Hastings Music Festival organizers

On Saturday, another edition of the Hastings Music Festival is set to be held along the shores of the Mississippi River.

We’re hoping you’ve all blocked the event off on your calendar and that you’ll all be there for the big party.

Organizers have certainly done some hard work in getting the festival together again this year.

They’ve booked two national artists to perform, they’ve rounded out the lineup with some local favorites, they’ve held a Battle of the Bands contest and they’ve lined up food and beverage vendors from near and far.

Now, it’s up to us to show up and have fun. Advance tickets are just $20, something we think is a real bargain — especially when you consider that all the proceeds go to Hastings Family Service. Nobody is getting rich off this concert promotion. Rather, the music festival committee is raising money for the most worthwhile of causes.