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Editorial: It’s time we all get more educated about the DCRC

When we mention the Dakota County Receiving Center, we figure most people in Hastings don’t know what we are talking about.

And, frankly, up until two weeks ago, we were in the dark to a certain extent about what happens there.

This week, we aim to change some of that with our story on the front page.

We expect the DCRC to begin making more news as they really start to look hard at plans for expansion. We don’t know when this expansion would take place, or where it would take place, but we’re certain that the time has come for the public to be more aware of what happens there.

We’re encouraged that we were able to come to the center to speak with representatives there, and that they held a recent public event in the gathering center at Spring Lake Park.

Spreading information about the center (while respecting the privacy of those seeking help there) will only help further the firm’s cause.

We strongly believe in the work that the center does, and we’re proud that such work is happening in Hastings.

The fact that the work has gone on relatively unnoticed in the community since 1974 means that the program fits here.

We hope that the DCRC finds the funds for its expansion and continues to find Hastings to be a good fit for its work.