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Editorial: Choirs are students to be proud of

On Saturday, Feb. 23, hundreds of singing and dancing high school students will arrive in Hastings. They will compete in the 14th annual Swingin' on the River competition here.

We'll let you in on a secret: Get your tickets now and take in some high quality entertainment.

The three Hastings show choirs won't compete, but all will perform. Tickets to the finals competition are $10, and we think it would be the best $10 you spent all year long.

The three choirs from Hastings are all faring well this season, and that's especially the case with the top show choir, Riverside Company. The work the students, directors and volunteers have put into the season deserves recognition. It's essentially a year-round activity in Hastings, which has led to this lofty reputation nationwide.

Job well done, everyone!