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Editorial: If Osberg accepts position in Eagan, he will leave positive legacy behind here

We report this week that Hastings City Administrator Dave Osberg may be leaving his post here for the administrator's job in Eagan.

If he were to leave, he'd leave big shoes to fill.

For 23 years, Osberg has led the city as its administrator, and during that time there have been relatively few considerable flare-ups. The city is run well.

He'd be the first to say he hasn't been perfect. That said, compared to other neighboring cities there has been very little excitement, and that's a testament to how smoothly things operate here.

In Farmington, a city of comparable size to Hastings, there have been five city administrators in the past 15 years. Every time an administrator leaves, an exhaustive search must take place to find a replacement. Those are expensive searches, many times costing $10,000 to $15,000.

Other cities have been plagued by scandals at City Hall. That hasn't been the case with Osberg and the City of Hastings. Again, that's not to say things have been perfect -- we are well aware that there have been some high-profile cases in recent years, but none that we aware of in the walls of City Hall.

If you compare those few instances with all the positive things that have happened here in the past 23 years, we think you'd come to the same conclusion as we do here. We are sound financially, we have great police and fire departments, our parks are top-notch and our streets are kept clear by a hard-working utilities crew.

In any case, if he decides to leave Hastings to take the position in Eagan, we wish him well. He has done an admirable job here in Hastings, and will be missed should he leave.