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Editorial: From Gobble Gait to a free Thanksgiving dinner - what a day

Could Thursday, Nov. 22, have gone any better in Hastings? Our guess is that the answer to that question would be a resounding "No."

The day began with an amazing Gobble Gait, which flooded downtown Hastings with happy residents, all eager to run or walk through town to help Hastings Family Service care for the people here in need.

Again this year, the organizers did a phenomenal job. About 1,000 more people turned out this year compared to last year, and yet the event went off exceptionally well.

Later in the day, volunteers got to work at the United Methodist Church to have a true Thanksgiving meal for anyone who was either alone on Thanksgiving or didn't have the means for a feast with all the fixings. Those volunteers were able to, thanks to donations from the Bierstube and Perkins, feed several people here who may not have had such a memorable meal if it were not for them.

We often write in this space about how fortunate we are to call Hastings home.

If you need evidence of this in action, look no further than what happened here on Thursday.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in Thursday's efforts. Your hard work is appreciated.