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Editorial: We are thankful for events like Gobble Gait in our community

Hastings is lucky to have something as wonderful as Gobble Gait again this year.

Early Thanksgiving morning, thousands of people will fill the streets downtown to take part in one our community's best events every year. At 8:30 a.m., the horn will sound and runners will take off from downtown.

The run, of course, raises funds for Hastings Family Service.

We are happy to report that again this year, the committee has done a phenomenal job of keeping costs down so as to donate as much money as possible to HFS.

Organizer Mary Fasbender said last week that the only expense the fundraiser faces every year is for the T-shirts. Everything else needed to pull off the event is donated.

If you participate, if you volunteer, if you help organize, or if you have donated to Gobble Gait, you should know that your money is being used wisely. Your money is staying in the community, helping our neighbors have food on their dining room table and clothes on their backs.

Gobble Gait is yet another fine example of how wonderful a community Hastings is. Thank you to everyone involved, and thank you to everyone who will be down there Thursday morning to take part.