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Editorial: Benefits and events have been inspirational

The tragedies our community has endured over the course of the past six weeks or so are terrible. There's no way around it.

The response to those tragedies, though, has been amazing.

The schools organized quickly to care for students during the daytime hours.

The schools called a meeting for parents, giving them tips on how best to talk to their children.

Benefits, in other cases, were called for youthful cancer fighters, grown men with strokes and cancer and the like.

A 2012 HHS graduate organized a suicide awareness walk, attended by hundreds here on Saturday. How much money her efforts will contribute to the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education organization will be known in time for next week's issue.

Next weekend, Hope is Here will be held at the high school. Included in that event will be video messages from families affected by these recent tragedies.

All of these events are being pulled off by Hastings residents with huge hearts. The residents are putting their thoughts into action, coming up with ways to ease the burden on fellow community members.

Your efforts have been inspiring.

You are making a difference.

There isn't one big action we can take that will make all of our problems go away. The solution will come by taking dozens and dozens of steps both in the present and the future.

We are thrilled to see these steps being taken, and it makes us proud to call Hastings our home.