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Editorial: Senator Amy Klobuchar has earned a second term

If there is a more effective, more responsive first-term senator in the U.S. Senate than Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, we don't know who it might be. The former prosecutor has distinguished herself not only by extraordinary constituent services but also by her ability to cross party lines and build bipartisan alliances to get things done. That's not easy these days in Washington, D.C.

Klobuchar has earned a second six-year term.

The senator's low-key, congenial style has served her well. But don't be fooled by Minnesota nice.

When it comes to issues about which she is passionate, Klobuchar can be tough and focused. Those qualities, which balance, go to the heart of effective representation for her state and in her work on matters of national import.

The senator's opponent, legislator and high school economics teacher Kurt Bills, has conducted a nearly invisible campaign that seems to sing one note. His theme has been to teach Minnesotans Economics 101, as if they need basic instruction. He's made no headway, in part because insulting the intelligence of voters never works.

Klobuchar is the embodiment of the kind of elected officials Minnesotans appreciate and respect, regardless of political affiliation. Former Sen. David Durenberger and former vice president and Sen. Walter Mondale come to mind. Like them, Klobuchar is not hidebound by ideology. She understands the art of compromise. That does not mean she sacrifices her core beliefs, but it does mean she embraces her responsibility to represent all Minnesotans, not merely those of her political persuasion.

It's a formula that works because it is sensible, pragmatic and authentic. Congress could use more of the Klobuchar way. Minnesotans would do well to give her a second term in the U.S. Senate.

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