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Editorial: Thieves on the other side acting just as irrational

Well, apparently it's not just "Vote Yes" signs that are being stolen in our fine community.

In a neck-and-neck race, some "Vote No" signs have begun disappearing.

At this rate, we may need to start a running tally to see who is leading the race as the election approaches.

We are referring, of course, to the marriage amendment on this fall's ballot. Last week we opined on the theft of several "Vote Yes"?signs from the lawns in our community.

This week, some "Vote No" signs were stolen, too. Homeowners have resorted to placing signs high in trees, as at least one homeowner on 15th Street has done.

The action remains befuddling, no matter which signs are stolen.

Again this week, writers from the community have expressed their opinions on the matter, and you'll find their letters on these pages.

Regardless, this kind of action needs to stop. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and they are entitled to put signs in their lawn supporting their cause.

To really make an impact on the cause, we'd encourage the thieves to get in touch with people who are working hard to lobby voters.

The "Vote Yes" campaign can be reached by emailing

The "Vote No" campaign can be reached by emailing

We hope that the same people trying to make a statement by stealing signs will turn out to vote on Nov. 6. That's when you can truly make your voice heard.