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Editorial: Free speech applies to everyone equally

This week, several area residents reported that political signs were stolen from their yards.

The signs were all in favor of the marriage amendment on this year's ballot, and all went missing from yards within the past week or so.

Freedom of speech is a right we are all entitled to. It's not simply a right given to the people who agree with you.

We think it is fair to presume that the person stealing these signs is someone planning to vote "No." That person, we presume again, is acting alone. Lastly, we presume that person vehemently disagrees with those planning to vote "Yes."

Given those presumptions are in fact truthful, we find this person's approach to be 100 percent reprehensible. Those who plan to vote "No" are rallying around equality and freedom for everyone. The actions of this thief, though, are depriving the other side of their freedoms, an irony too rich to ignore.

One thing we typically enjoy about this time of year is that the residents of Hastings become engaged in the political process. There are very controversial amendments on the ballot this year, and we are certain that over the next month our residents will take the time and effort to get educated about the issues. We think the best of you all, and are certain that the good far outweighs the bad in our community.

Not everyone who plans to vote "No" is going to be out stealing lawn signs. Of that we are certain.

But for the one person who is out there stealing them, you are doing more harm than good to your cause.

If you feel that passionate about your cause, you ought to campaign in a legitimate matter. The number to call to join forces with the vote "No" campaign is 651-330-6852. We'd encourage you to call them instead of just running around town and acting like a hooligan.