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Editorial: Thanks, bridge crew, for all your work

All weekend long, we watched in amazement as construction crews floated the main span for our massive new bridge a half-mile down the river, then got it in place and lifted it up.

The work they accomplished in just a weekend was astonishing.

To the crews who safely and carefully did this work: We are amazed at your skill. We thank you for your hard work, and we are especially thankful that through the whole project, none of you have been seriously injured.

To the many engineers who have designed the bridge and who coordinated the move, we thank you for contributing your skills to our project here.

You are building a bridge that we will use every day for some 100 years, and we appreciate what you are doing for our community.

We also want to express our gratitude to the folks at Hub's Landing Marina. They were kind enough to let us camp out on their docks all weekend long so we could document the lift. Thank you!